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Shadowghast (Exclusive Edition)

Shadowghast (Exclusive Edition)

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In the third mysterious tale of Eerie-on-Sea, it's almost Ghastly Night, and the Shadowghast—an ancient spirit in a lantern—lurks in wait for the power to enslave the town.

In this third adventure, shipwrecked orphan Herbert Lemon, Lost-and-Founder at the Grand Nautilus Hotel, must square off with a creature of town lore as he confronts a shadow from his past. While other towns celebrate Halloween, in Eerie-on-Sea it's Ghastly Night, and a grim spirit in a lantern awaits its moment. Legend has it that if people fail to light manglewick candles on Ghastly Night, and if no showman conjures shadow puppets on the pier as an offering, the insulted Shadowghast will seize and devour the shadows of the living. This year, a professional theater troupe has been summoned, including a raven-haired magician named Caliastra with startling news of Herbie's origins. No sooner have the players checked into the hotel than townspeople start vanishing into thin air, including the guardian of Herbie's best friend, Violet Parma. It's up to Herbie and Violet to separate truth from sleight of hand and solve the mystery of the Shadowghast lantern before darkness swallows them all.

This listing is for an OwlCrate Jr exclusive signed edition of Shadowghast by Thomas Taylor. This is the third book in The Legends of Eerie-on-Sea series.

This edition features:

  • Exclusive foil cover
  • Signed by Thomas Taylor
  • Author letter from Thomas Taylor featuring spooky cover art

Genre: Fantasy, Middle Grade, Mystery, Childrens, Fiction
Themes: Secrets, friendship, family and loyalty.
Content Warnings: Physical assault, Fire

Photo by: Babs Books

Graphic by: Michelle Gray

Educational Benefits

A thrilling fantasy world filled with mystery and intrigue, encouraging imaginative thinking and problem-solving skills as they follow the protagonist's journey to uncover secrets and confront dark forces, thus fostering creativity and critical thinking in readers.

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