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Into the Glades (Exclusive Edition)

Into the Glades (Exclusive Edition)

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New York Times bestselling author Laura Sebastian makes her middle grade debut with an emotional fantasy adventure about four friends who journey through a magical, Everglades-inspired swampland to break a curse tied to the death of a loved one.

Best friends Cordelia and Larkin have always called the Glades—a peaceful swamp full of magical creatures—home. But when Oziris, Cordelia’s father and the leader of their village, dies unexpectedly, a dark curse sweeps over the land.

The girls know that the curse must be tied to Oziris’s death, and they’re determined to break its hold on their home and bring Oziris back to life. Together, Cordelia, Larkin, and their two little brothers set off into the wild Glades in search of an elusive and enigmatic witch who is rumored to have the power to reverse death.

The Glades are no longer a familiar and friendly place, though, and danger lurks around every corner. But on their journey, the children discover that the most difficult challenge isn’t wild marsh-maids or bogilisks or dragon-gators—it’s the grief threatening to consume them.

This edition features:

  • Signed bookplate and author letter from Laura Sebastian
  • Larkin & Cordelia Collectible Card (designed by Andrew Kolb)

Genre: Fantasy
Themes: Friendship, grief & acceptance, family, magic
Content Warnings: Death of a parent, grief, some mild frightening scenes, anger, perilous situations

Photos by:@a.o.tales(from Instagram) and Babs Books

Educational Benefits

Immerses readers in an adventure that intertwines environmental conservation themes with thrilling storytelling, fostering an appreciation for nature and wildlife while promoting critical thinking about human impact on ecosystems, making it an engaging educational tool for young readers interested in environmental science and advocacy.

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