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Futureland: Battle for the Park (Exclusive Edition)

Futureland: Battle for the Park (Exclusive Edition)

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When an extraordinary flying theme park arrives above Atlanta, one boy must stop a sinister force from stealing the park’s tech and taking over the world. An electrifying illustrated series with the Afrofuturism of Black Panther that took the world by storm. Perfect for fans of Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

Welcome to the most spectacular theme park in the world. Everyone wants a ticket to Futureland, where you can literally live out your wildest dreams. Want to step inside your favorite video game? Go pro in a sports arena? Perform at a real live concert? Grab your ticket and come right in.

Yet with all its attractions, Futureland has always just been home to Cam Walker, the son of the park’s famous creators. And when Futureland arrives at its latest stop, Atlanta, Cam is thrilled for what promises to be the biggest opening ever. . . .

But things aren’t quite right with the Atlanta opening. Park attractions are glitching. Kids go missing. And when his parents are blamed, Cam must find the missing kids and whoever’s trying to take down his family . . . before it’s too late.

This edition features:

  • Signed bookplate and author letter from H.D. Hunter
  • Cameron J. Walker Collectible Card (designed by Andrew Kolb)

Themes: Technology, invention, gentrification, ethical AI practices, political greed.
Content Warnings: Kidnapping, bullying, cultural appropriation, allusions to real-life child abductions, perilous situations

Photos by:@a.o.tales (from Instagram) and Babs Books

Educational Benefits

A captivating narrative that explores themes of environmental sustainability and community activism, encouraging critical thinking about urban development and the importance of preserving green spaces, thus fostering environmental awareness and civic engagement in an accessible and relatable context.

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