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Amira & Hamza: The War To Save The Worlds (Exclusive Edition)

Amira & Hamza: The War To Save The Worlds (Exclusive Edition)

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From bestselling author Samira Ahmed comes a thrilling fantasy adventure intertwining Islamic legend and history, perfect for fans of Aru Shah and the Land of Stories.

On the day of a rare super blue blood moon eclipse, twelve-year-old Amira and her little brother, Hamza, can’t stop their bickering while attending a special exhibit on medieval Islamic astronomy. While stargazer Amira is wowed by the amazing gadgets, a bored Hamza wanders off, stumbling across the mesmerizing and forbidden Box of the Moon. Amira can only watch in horror as Hamza grabs the defunct box and it springs to life, setting off a series of events that could shatter their world—literally.

Suddenly, day turns to night, everyone around Amira and Hamza falls under a sleep spell, and a chunk of the moon breaks off, hurtling toward them at lightning speed, as they come face-to-face with two otherworldly creatures: jinn.

The jinn reveal that the siblings have a role to play in an ancient prophecy. Together, they must journey to the mystical land of Qaf, battle a great evil, and end a civil war to prevent the moon—the stopper between realms—from breaking apart and unleashing terrifying jinn, devs, and ghuls onto earth. Or they might have to say goodbye to their parents and life as they know it, forever.…

This edition features:

  • Exclusive cover
  • Signed by Samira Ahmed
  • Author letter from Samira Ahmed
  • 'Science is Magic' collectible sticker (designed by Hey Atlas Creative)

Themes: Science, Islamic culture and folklore, staying positive when confronted with challenges, taking control over your own fate, empathy, working together to face a challenge.
Genre: Fantasy, legends & myth
Content Warnings: Use of weapons, fantasy warfare, death, perilous situations

Photos by: Babs Books and @a.o.tales

Educational Benefits

A blend of adventure and fantasy, introducing readers to diverse cultures and mythologies while promoting themes of bravery, teamwork, and resilience, making it an enriching educational tool for fostering cultural awareness, empathy, and critical thinking skills in an immersive and imaginative narrative.

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